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About SIE (The She is Epic Entrepreneur)

Did you know, ONLY 2.2% of the overall $130 billion of venture capital raised by companies in 2018 went to female founders — despite us owning 38% of the businesses in the country? (Source: Fortune)

Studies have shown that men are almost twice as likely as womxn to raise $100k or more in funding. And when it comes to first-year funding, womxn receive 80% LESS capital than men.

WHY?? Because womxn are less willing to take risks than men and as a result lose out on securing VC funding.

WHY?? Because womxn already know they are doubted and counted out.


YET, womxn-founded companies, in First Round Capital’s portfolio, outperformed companies founded by men by 63%. (Source: Forbes)


Womxn-owned businesses are growing much faster than all businesses. From 2007 to 2018, they grew by 58% in terms of the number of firms and 46% in terms of revenue

Adding to these numbers, womxn of color are driving this growth. Womxn of color over that same period of time are starting businesses at a much faster rate. The number of firms owned by African-American womxn has grown by 164% since 2007.


Now, imagine becoming a silent investor of this Shark Tank.

Where you can financially-back businesses, witness their success and say you were a part of the SIE revolution. 50% of the profits will go into the pockets of the underestimated womxn-led business to help her scale.  

Since, visibility is not the answer. 

There have been clients from my copywriting service who gained national and global press and it still didn’t make a dent in their bank account or venture’s growth. Yep. This SIE Fund kicked off from consistently working with startups that bootstrapped their business (self-funded and depleted savings).

She is Epic Bag Tote

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- Signed, Tennile Cooper, Founder of The SIE Fund